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STARTING OF THE PROJECT: “Lisalisi Pona Kinshasa: concrete support to Fondation Vivia's children"

The "Lisalisi Pona Kinshasa" project will soon be launched: concrete support for the children of the Fondation Viviane in Monta Ngafula (Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo - DRC).

The Project is carried out thanks to the winning of a grant (2021) from the Waldensian Church by DICA ETS, and it is carried out by DICA ETS itself and by Fondation Viviane, our partner in the DRC. The project will have a total duration of one year.

According to the "Health and Poverty Report DRC" from the World Bank (2015), the average rate of utilization of health services is 0.15 (0.07-0.42) consultations per inhabitant per year, which corresponds to less than one consultation per person every six years. The most common causes of death among children under five years old are neonatal causes, pneumonia, malaria, diarrheal diseases, HIV, and measles.

The proposed project, shared with the Waldensian Church of Pisa, aims at a specific objective, namely, supporting the development of the rehabilitation center of the Fondation Viviane through the strengthening of the laboratory for the production and repair of prostheses and mobility aids, and a general objective, namely, to ensure adequate health services for the care of disabled children and adolescents in the project's intervention area.

The expected results are achieving energy autonomy and improved technical capabilities in the repair and construction of prostheses and mobility aids; increased knowledge and attention in the Pisan territory towards the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The beneficiaries of the project, specifically, are the 115 disabled children and adolescents assisted by Fondation Viviane and its paramedical and technical staff (four people). There are also "indirect" beneficiaries, namely, the families of disabled children and adolescents who benefit from the Health Center and the population of the Mbudi neighborhood where Fondation Viviane is located.

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