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"Interdependence has a greater value than independence"
Stephen R. Covey

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Who We Are?

DICA has its registered and operational headquarters in Pisa.


 Since 2013 it has been operating in the sectors of international development cooperation, integration and interculture.


The main geographical areas of intervention of the Association are the Mediterranean Area and Sub-Saharan Africa. TutThe members of the Association are Volunteers, not paid or paid. Volunteers do not live off  cooperation but for cooperation!

Chi Siamo
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Collaborate with DICA

If you are interested in the sector of international development cooperation, the integration sector and more generally in community planning issues, you have an excellent knowledge of English and/or French, and you are willing to join a team of motivated young people and determined in a non-competitive and jovial environment, send your CV, we will arrange an initial interview.

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Areas of intervention

aree di intervento
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