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Activity updates "Territory, employment and integration: the future of Tunisia" - 8X1000 Tavola Vald

foto di Andrea Dascal

Within the project "Land, Labor, and Integration: the Future of Tunisia," arising from the collaboration between DICA ETS (the project leader) and the Association Méditerranéene Pour le Développement en Tunisie (AMDT), activities are progressing, albeit with delays due to various lockdowns in Tunisia, according to the established schedule. Specifically, in this initial phase, preparatory activities for the implementation of the project, both administratively and executively, have been prepared as planned.

In the early months of the project, AMDT, in coordination with DICA ETS, identified the farmer-breeders who will directly benefit from the project activities. Once identified, AMDT proceeded with the direct purchase of 10 head of livestock from the local market, which will form the basis of the herd hosted on the social farm, to be cared for and managed by the selected breeders.

In August, a training mission by Italian trainers was planned; however, in light of the pandemic situation on-site and the widespread lockdowns still imposed in Tunisia (as of October 31, 2021, only 39% of the Tunisian population has been vaccinated), it was decided, in coordination with local partners and beneficiaries, to organize training on-site by the certified and qualified entity "Centres et Instituts de Formations Etatiques à Sidi Bouzid" to provide qualified training. The training will take place in the coming months and will be open not only to beneficiary agricultural breeders of the project but also to all young people interested in receiving qualified professional training applicable in the local job market.

Activities are being carried out through ongoing dialogue between DICA ETS and the local partner AMDT. Although not an official project partner, the Municipality of Sidi Bouzid has always been involved and informed of the progress of the project activities. In the coming months, a meeting will be organized at the Methodist Waldensian Church of Pisa with the Waldensian community to present the ongoing Project activities in Tunisia.

DICA ETS is providing information about the project through its website and its dedicated social media channels Twitter and Facebook.

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