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DICA was born in January 2013 from the desire of some experts in the field of development cooperation and integration and interculture to contribute to the diffusion in Italy and around the world of values such as respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy and equality . 

The Association bodies

The organizational structure

Design Office

It includes two distinct organizational areas for activities promoted at a national and international level in the field of development cooperation and immigration and interculture. These organizational areas are coordinated by two Managers who plan and manage the activities within them and discuss the promotion of transversal and integrated activities. 

Communications Office

He takes care of the management of the website and social network accounts. The office, managed by a Manager who coordinates its activities, is of fundamental importance for the Association's purposes as it allows the promotion of initiatives carried out at a local, national and international level and consequently the diffusion of the values to which DICA intends to contribute.

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