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IN NEET - Encouraging young people to build a better Europe

Europe for Citizens - European Commission - 2021-2022

The project will create a European network of 8 different organizations from Greece, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Cyprus, Romania, and Bulgaria, focused on the NEET phenomenon. The project will address the issue of NEETs, proposing solutions to encourage them to fully participate in civic life as European citizens. According to Eurostat, in 2019, the NEET rate was 16.4% in the EU. With the financial and economic crisis still ongoing, there is a risk that an entire generation of young people in the EU may remain out of the labor market for years. Therefore, these individuals are more likely to suffer from poverty and social exclusion.

The main objective of the project is to build channels and social spaces to reintegrate NEETs into society, especially those who are discouraged and long-term unemployed. Most activities (creative workshops, round tables, debates, job shadowing, human libraries, etc.) aim to promote active citizenship among young/NEETs, strengthening civic and democratic skills. These channels will take into account all EU policies and opportunities defined to support the social inclusion of young people (Erasmus Plus program, mobility, EU citizenship rights, etc.).

While NEETs will be the main beneficiaries of the project, key actors will be young citizens and workers to encourage them to participate, express their views and needs freely, and contribute to the decision-making process regarding issues concerning their social integration.

The project is structured into 8 international events where a group composed of young citizens will carry out (in collaboration with other young people) various activities aimed at developing new outputs. These results will enable European youth to prevent and address this phenomenon, and European citizens in general to gain a better understanding. Finally, it will enable the EU to address this situation and how citizens can takesuch opportunities.

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