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The DICA ETS association in collaboration with the associations of the Pisa area organized a fundraising evening in favor of the populations of Nepal affected by the devastating earthquake in April. The event, held at the Arci of Pisanova on 3 July 2015, had a great following, both thanks to the participation of the Nepalese community residing in Pisa, who took care of the preparation of the dinner based on Nepalese food, and to the help from many volunteers from local associations, who showed great sensitivity and attention towards the event. The proceeds went entirely to co-finance the emergency project of the Tuscany Region in Nepal which sees Oxfam Italia in the role of leader.

The evening of July 3rd took place in continuity with the initiative held on February 1st 2014, when the Filipino community gave its support and support to help, together with local associations, Sardinia and the Philippines, which were also working hard affected by natural disasters.

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