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Start The Change - 2020

'Start The Change' is a project co-funded by the European Union, promoted by Progettomondo in partnership with 15 organizations active in 12 European countries: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Start The Change aims to promote active citizenship, inviting young people to explore the reality in which they live and to commit to promoting the well-being of communities and sustainable development, as outlined through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

CROSSING BORDERS is one of the 16 projects selected by 'Start The Change' for 2019-2020, and it aims to contribute through creative and artistic languages to SDG No.16: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions. Through music, Crossing Borders wants to bring together young people of different origins and cultural backgrounds who populate the streets of the same city without sometimes intersecting, stimulate reflection on the existing connections between global inequalities and immigration, and the urgent need for a more peaceful and inclusive society for all.

Three days of meetings and workshops - live performances in Pisa, during which the drummer and beatmaker from Trentino, Johnny Mox, will share the stage with high school and university students in Pisa, asylum seekers hosted in the extraordinary reception center "San Jacopo" of the CRI-Comitato di Pisa, and anyone else who wants to participate. Starting from the music listened to by young people and stored on their smartphones, these musicians create loops in real time as a starting point from which to create new original compositions. The result is an irresistible mixture of rhythms and sounds that, starting from the most listened-to songs by young people and improvisation, leads to what can be defined as the sound of contemporary Europe made up of electronics, tradition, and contaminations of music from various parts of the world.

Thanks to music as a powerful means of expression and a privileged vehicle for social-cultural-generational change and advocacy, Crossing Borders is an opportunity for meeting, an opportunity to make one's voice heard, to be known, and to share one's thoughts and roots, in a way that moves towards mutual understanding and frees refugees from the sole definition of victims.

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