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Not only cooperation and immigration, but also integration for more vulnerable groups!

The Parents' Association of the Guests of the Stella Maris Foundation – AGOSM, in partnership with DICA ETS, are carrying out the activities of the "FREE TO EXPRESS: ART AND MOVEMENT" Project. The project, supported by the funds of the Otto per Mille of the Waldensian Church, aims to enhance the therapeutic and rehabilitative activities carried out at the neuropsychiatric rehabilitation centers of the Stella Maris Foundation, in the Casa Verde of San Miniato and in the Rehabilitation Institute of Montalto di Fauglia.

The project focuses on a group of selected activities based on three parameters:

- They are therapeutic activities;

- They are all activities that have already been successfully piloted at the rehabilitation centers over the past three years;

- They are activities that, if properly funded, lend themselves to further enhancement, meaning they can be extended to a greater number of users than currently.

The activities planned by the project are all therapeutic in nature. The selected therapeutic activities are 5, and they are divided into two groups: expressive activities and rehabilitative


1. Expressive Therapies

1.1 Music

1.2 Theater

1.3 Art

2. Rehabilitation

2.1 Hippotherapy

2.2 Pet-Therapy

The beneficiaries will be 102 boys and girls with neuro-psychiatric disabilities, disorders of the autism spectrum, cognitive, behavioral, and relational disorders, both in residential and day care settings.

The project has a duration of 12 months.

Photos of the ongoing activities are available on the DICA ETS Facebook page!

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