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On Sunday, October 18th, starting at 2:30 PM, the 3rd meeting scheduled within the Crossing Borders Project will take place at the operational headquarters of DICA ETS, located at Via Contessa Matilde - Pisa 12. It will be an open moment for everyone, held in full compliance with current anti-COVID regulations, where music will meet and accompany the stories of immigrants' journeys. Music unites, music tells stories, music fosters understanding!

During this third meeting, participants will be invited to reflect on the outcomes of previous activities and collaborate in drafting a text and musical arrangement that prompt deep reflection on the connections between global inequalities and express the urgent need for a more peaceful and inclusive society for all. The objective is to produce a music video to be showcased at the Final Event and distributed online and on social media platforms.

Photos and videos of the meeting will be shared on the DICA ETS and Crossing Borders Facebook pages!!! Follow us for updates!

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