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CSI Tuscany Region - 2016

The intervention falls within the framework of healthcare cooperation promoted by the Tuscany Region (Decree No. 1101 of March 15, 2016) and has a duration of 12 months.

The project aims to continue the work carried out in the same region in the past. The commitment of local partners, for many years, towards the care and assistance of the most vulnerable population groups, especially disabled children and adolescents, has been supported over time by various cooperation interventions by various Tuscan public and private entities. This has allowed the establishment of a network of partners operating in synergy, making better use of resources allocated in favor of the local reference partners. Indeed, since 2009, the partnership has carried out actions aimed at coordinating and implementing activities to promote Congolese social and healthcare services, with a long-term sustainability perspective. The beneficiaries of the Project will be over 150 disabled children and adolescents assisted by the Viviane Foundation, as well as paramedical and technical staff who will attend the training courses.

The Project Lead is the USL Tuscany North West: involvement in previous project experiences has led the USL to recognize the validity of the activities carried out by the Viviane Foundation and the desire to structure and strengthen its interventions in favor of the Congolese partner through actions that involve the implementation of local structures and professional training beyond the mere sending of healthcare equipment.

DICA ETS is a partner for the technical-administrative management of the Project: in this capacity, it is responsible for preparing the paperwork for the reporting of expenses to be sent to local partners, as well as for preparing financial reporting.

Since 2014, a Collaboration Agreement between the Association and the Viviane Foundation has contributed to extending and strengthening the collaboration between the local partnership and the Tuscan partnership. The Viviane Foundation is the local reference partner, responsible for implementing actions in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Foundation is responsible for the restructuring and hygienic-sanitary improvement of the physiotherapy and kinesiotherapy outpatient clinics of the Viviane Foundation Rehabilitation Center. Additionally, thanks to the implementation of a training course for 10 socio-health operators on the theme "Physiotherapy and Kinesiotherapy," the project will be able to have medium and long-term effects. Furthermore, 10 awareness-raising meetings on the theme of "health education information" are planned. The meetings aim to create conditions to help the population acquire health through their own behaviors and efforts. The objective is to empower the population in choices that have effects on the mental and physical health of individuals and the community.

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