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Europe for Citizens - European Commission - 2017-2018

IThe E.I.Q. - Europe in Question project has been funded under the "Europe for Citizens 2014-2020" program managed by the EACEA of the European Commission.

The Municipality of Tanagra (Greece) is the lead partner of the project, which, together with 7 international partners, will coordinate actions and debates aimed at enhancing the participation and involvement of citizens who have shown themselves to be skeptical or openly opposed to the European Union and its actions.

During the project, Eurosceptics will have the opportunity to engage and gain a detailed understanding of European Union policies and programs, as well as to clearly comprehend the process of European policy-making and its real scope and intervention areas. At the same time, they will be encouraged to create content to formulate proposals to improve the existing situation on selected themes.

Proposals for improving the EU will be formulated in seven key areas:

  • - The refugee crisis - "Should the European Union continue to accept refugees or reject them? How to integrate them into European society?"

  • Increased terrorism - "Is it connected to the arrival of immigrants and refugees in the EU? How should the EU address this issue?"

  • EURO - "What are the strengths and weaknesses of the common currency?"

  • Further enlargement - "Should the EU accept the entry of new Member States? How will the UK's exit affect the future of the Union?"

  • BREXIT - "Accidental event or the beginning of disintegration?"

  • Euroscepticism and europhobia - "Why has this phenomenon increased? Are there deep-seated reasons?"

  • Recession and employment - "How to generate jobs, especially for young people and disadvantaged individuals?"

The project involves the participation of 7 international partners from the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Italy, Estonia, and Greece.

Each international partner will organize an event in their territory on the aforementioned themes.

The duration of the project is 24 months, and its total cost, fully funded by the Europe for Citizens Program, is €150,000.

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