Municipality of Tanagra

Municipality of Tanagra was established in 2011 under the Greek Law 3852/2010 and it is located in central Greece in an area of 554 square km and a population of 19.000 inhabitants. The Municipality’s economy is based mainly in the secondary sector with the presence of industries and factories, as it is considered to be Athens’ “Industrial Area”. Moving to primary sector, the products produced are olives, wheat, cotton, carrots, potatoes, onions, and primarily wines, which is particularly famous in Greece, due to the microclimate of the area. The tertiary sector of the economy is not particularly developed in the municipality boundaries, but rapid growth in neighboring municipalities, result that a significant part of the population is employed in this sector as well. Most famously, the settlement of Dilesi has significant domestic tourist movement, while alternative forms of tourism activities have been grown over the past years (religious, trekking, hiking etc).

IZZSi - Institute Zooprofilattico of Sicily

The Zoo-prophylactic Experimental Institute of Sicily "Adelmo Mirri", with headquarters in Palermo is one of the ten Italian experimental zoo-prophylactic institutions. It is a health public corporation, which controls and monitors the animal health, the food of animal origin, and prophylaxis of certain diseases. The Institute is subject to the supervision of the Ministry of Health



Through the implementation of various projects, ZADRA nova creates network of reliable partners from local governments, institutions, universities, SME’s, associates and EU experts, and strengthens inter regional and cross-border cooperation.



L’Associazione Water Right Foundation ha tra gli obiettivi generali la solidarietà sociale, la promozione di interventi di cooperazione, di tutela e di valorizzazione delle risorse naturali e dell'ambiente, con riferimento al diritto di accesso all’acqua e l’uso sostenibile della risorsa idrica.

Municipality of Shkoder

The municipality of Shkoder is a quite big city in northwestern Albania in the District of Shkoder, of which it is the capital. It is one of the oldest and most historic places in Albania, as well as an important cultural and economic centre. Due to its strategical position, near some of the most important Italian ports, the city has always been very important for the economy of the entire Albania, for which result very important and significant the tourism and the fishing.


Municipality of Tuzi

Tuzi is an Urban Municiaplity settlement in the Podgorica disctrict, inside Montenegro, located along a main road between the city of Podgorica and the Albanian border crossing, just a few kilometers north of Lake Skadar. Thank to his privileged geographical position (Tuzi is situated 10 km from Podgorica, 150 km from Dubrovnik  and 130 km to Tirana) the city has developed a big tradition of touristic city, both for the historic attractions and for the natural beauties on its environment.


Municipality of Borgia

The Municipality of Borgia has a population of 7.418 abitanti  and a surface of 42,0 square kilometers thus showing a population density of 167,83 inhabitants per square kilometer. It rises 341 metres above the sea level, and has 3 km of coasts where is carrying out the fishing activities from a small fleet. Despite the slim number of ships the Municipality is encouraging the sector through investments and projects.

Municipality of Pegeia

Pegeia is a public local government body in the district of Pafos, in Cyprus, and it’s is the largest municipality in terms of geographic area. Combining spectacular mountain landscapes with crystal blue beaches, Pegeia has established a strong position in tourism, attracting thousands of international and internal visitors each year. Once a sleepy fishing harbour, thanks to its enviable geographic position, the municipality has been transformed into a small but attractive and lively fishing tourist resort.


Municipality of Tetovo

Tetovo is a municipality in northwestern Republic of Macedonia. The Municipality has an important local/national and international network. Municipality of Tetovo cooperates with the municipalities of neighbouring towns and local authorities in regional and EU countries. It is a member of the community of the local self-government unit in the Republic of Macedonia. The municipality has effective collaboration with the Municipality of Elbasan; municipality Kepez, Antalya; and Bayrampasa, Istanbul.


Municipality of Montignoso

Montignoso is a quite little, beautiful municipality located between the Apuan Alps and the Tyrrenean sea, within the province of Massa-Carrara. Even if the most part of its territory is composed by mountains and hills, with a lot of ancient traditions and folklore, from some years the fishing industry has begun to assert itself more and more, initially as a subsidiary activity, then gaining in importance and value to the local economy. To emphasize the growth of this sector is the implementation of a project funded by the province of Massa-Carrara for creating a fish market in accordance with law for the fishermen in the area.                                    


Municipality of Ravenna

The Municipality of Ravenna has always been involved in developing international relationships with other countries and one of its priorities is to foster citizens, civil society organizations and all its public Institution in participating actively at EU enlargement process. At the moment our Municipality is engaged in projects financed by European Commission and above all, the city is candidate for European Capital of Culture in 2019. Ravenna has an ancient tradition of fishing in inland brackish and fresh waters, the latter most important, for the wealth of fish, the characteristics of our territory, the proximity to the sea, the salt water seeping into coastal wetlands, the presence of extensive piallasse and valleys.

Municipality of Apatin

The Municipality of Apatin owns a 160-hectare industrial zone which has internal roads and complete infrastructure on the outskirts. In terms of infrastructure, Apatin has the first ever international marina in Serbia. It has 400 berths with 120 being yacht berths and the rest used for small boats. Apatin is considered to be Serbia’s most prominent fishing center. The town is home to several annual events dedicated to fishing. 

Regional Government of Thessaly

Region of Thessaly (Thessalia) is the geographical department that occupies the central section of mainland Greece. It is surrounded by high mountain ranges encircling a low plain. It borders Macedonia to the north, Sterea Ellada to the south, Epirus to the west, and its eastern shoreline is on the Aegean. It has a higher percentage of flatland than any other district in Greece.  The Region of Thessaly is characterized by the Lake Karla. Lake Karla was not only one of the most important wetlands in Greece, but also a natural reservoir, which provided very significant water storage. 

Municipality of Agia

The Municipality of Agia is located in the Larissa regional unit, Thessaly, Greece. Agia is located east of Larissa and south of Melivoia. The Mavrovouni mountains dominate the south and the Aegean Sea lies to the east.  The total area of the municipality is 668.26 km ² and has a population of 14,121 inhabitants. The current form of the municipality arose with the “Kallikratis” Program from the extension of the original municipality of Agia by the merger of pre-existing municipalities of Lakereia, Evrimenon and Melivoia.  The main activities at its territory are agriculture and tourism and the organization consists of several departments and local councils.



Legautonomie is a network of italian local authorities composed by over 2.000 municipalities, provinces, and regions. The association conducts information, technical assistance and lending services to local authorithies, promotes training projects for qualification/requalification for the public administration, public policy initiatives, conferences, seminars; it develops information and publishing activities, promotes iniziatives to improve a culture of the Eu and to substain knowledge of Eu initiatives in different fields. Legautonomie can be a fundamental role in the promotion of the European standard of good democratic governance with the national ministry, can establish a national platform linked to the implementation of the European strategy and help municipalities to experiment new tools of democracy participation.

Comune di Siracusa

The Municipality of Siracusa has 123.500 inhabitants and gives its name to the province of which it is capital. Defined by Cicero as "the biggest and most beautiful of all the Greek cities", the birthplace of Archimedes has been included in the Unesco World Heritage List with the necropolises of Pantalica. The municipality of Siracusa directs its action toward the civic, economic and social development of the community while respecting the democratic and sovereignty principles. In turn, it demands the active participation of its citizens through designated bodies and by acting in compliance with the principles of impartiality, transparency and efficiency. The Municipality, upon resolution of the City Council, can request the consultation of the citizens living outside the region and pursue, at the same time, the implementation of the principle of equal dignity of men and women.

Ayuntamiento de Mazarrón

Mazarrón is a municipality in the autonomous community and province of Murcia, southeastern Spain. The municipality has an area of 318.7 square kilometres, and a population of more than 34,351 inhabitants. A military fort built between 1930 and 1936 during the reign of Alfonso XIII of Spain and the Second Spanish Republic exists as a tourist attraction on the old road between Mazarrón and Cartagena, and although it is accessible from the Bay of Mazarrón it is not in the municipality itself.

The Bay of Mazarrón is sheltered by the last foothills of the Sierra de la Almenara, a mining area since the Carthaginian era. Over 35 km of beaches, unspoiled coves and rocky sea beds. Due to the nature of the surrounding rocks, however, the beach at Bolnuevo is of coarse grit, as are most of the beaches along this part of the coast.

Ajuntament de Dénia (Spagna)

Dénia is a Municipality in the province of Alicante, Spain, on the Costa Blanca halfway between Alicante and Valencia, the judicial seat of the comarca of Marina Alta. As of 2012, it had a population of 44,455. 

Located in the northern part of the province of Alicante, touching the border of the province of Valencia, Dénia is one of the best sites for fishing in Levante. Its location, next to Cabo de San Antonio and across from the Balearic Islands, make the waters of Denia in a privileged place for fishing. In the recent years Denia has been developing an important international network in oder to create a system of control of the fishing according with the European rules

Câmara Municipal de Espinho (Portogallo)

Espinho City Council is the governmental organ of the municipality of Espinho, located on the Atlantic coast on the North of Portugal, near Oporto. Its main activities are fishing and tourism, mostly because of the geographic position of the city. The city perfectly know that the main resources for its sustenance come from the fishing industries, so during the years the city council has submitted several projects to structural funds programs to support the valorization and the increase of the coast, especially of all the fishing activities.

Fondazione Viviane (Repubblica Democratica del Congo)

La Fondazione Viviane è un'organizzazione non governativa di sviluppo, ha sede nel Comune di Mont’Ngafula (Città di Kinshasa), Repubblica Democratica del Congo e dal 2004 cura, ospita e assiste nella riabilitazione, nella scolarizzazione e nella formazione professionale i bambini e gli adolescenti disabili dell’area suburbana di Kinshasa, in cui la Fondazione rappresenta l’unica realtà. I servizi sanitari offerti sono realizzati grazie ad operatori dipendenti dalla Fondazione per quanto concerne la fisioterapia, la kinesiterapia ed interventi di riparazione di protesi e ausili per la deambulazione.


Through the implementation of various projects, ZADRA nova creates network of reliable partners from local governments, institutions, universities, SME’s, associates and EU experts, and strengthens inter regional and cross-border cooperation.

IZZSi - Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Sicilia

L'Istituto zooprofilattico sperimentale della Sicilia "Adelmo Mirri", con sede principale a Palermo e uno dei dieci istituti zooprofilattici sperimentali italiani, è un ente sanitario di diritto pubblico, che controlla e vigila sulla sanità animale, degli alimenti di origine animale, sulla profilassi su talune patologie. L'Istituto è sottoposto alla vigilanza del Ministero della Salute.


L’Associazione NeuroCare onlus è un’Associazione no-profit di volontariato che persegue scopi esclusivamente umanitari di solidarietà sociale. L’Associazione NeuroCare onlus tutela gli interessi delle persone affette da malattie neurologiche e di coloro che li assistono (caregiver) per tutte le difficoltà connesse con la malattia (in particolare quelle concernenti la riabilitazione e la partecipazione alla vita sociale e/o lavorativa), promuovendo con ogni mezzo il miglioramento dell’assistenza socio-sanitaria dei malati neurologici.

Società della Salute Pisa

La missione della Società della Salute è quella di favorire e promuovere modalità organizzative che rendano possibile una pratica quotidiana d’integrazione, attraverso lo snellimento delle procedure nonché l’unificazione di uffici e accessi dell’utenza ai servizi.

Casa della Donna (Pisa)

La Casa della Donna è un'Associazione di Promozione Sociale, senza scopo di lucro, sostenuta dal lavoro volontario delle socie, aperta a tutte le donne senza distinzione di età, di orientamento sessuale o religioso, stato sociale o provenienza geografica. La Casa è uno spazio di incontro, di riflessione e di iniziativa culturale e politica dove quotidianamente ci impegniamo per il contrasto alla violenza di genere in ogni sua forma, per la valorizzazione e la trasmissione della cultura, dei saperi e della storia delle donne e per favorire la crescita di soggettività femminili autonome attraverso la pratica della relazione tra donne.

Associazione Amiche del Mondo Insieme (ADMI)

ADMI ha come obiettivi quello di sviluppare una cultura d’accoglienza, superando pregiudizi e differenze culturali e la diffusione della conoscenza delle diverse culture presenti sul territorio attraverso iniziative culturali, ricreative sociali e educative rivolte alla cittadinanza.

Associazione Salus Onlus di Pisa

Salus Onlus ha come scopo quello di favorire l'affermarsi di una cultura dell'accoglienza, della solidarietà e della vita, rivolgendo la propria attività di volontariato a persone svantaggiate, in disagio sociale e socio – sanitario, con particolare attenzione ai malati di AIDS.

Unità Migranti di Pisa (UMI)

UMI ha come scopo l'integrazione reciproca tra stranieri e italiani, mirata alla comprensione nei confronti degli immigrati, organizzando eventi nella stazione ferroviaria di Pisa.

AMDT - Association Méditerranéenne pour le Développement en Tunisie (TUNISIA)

AMDT è un'associazione nata a Tunisi nel mese di settembre 2011 che ha l'obiettivo di promuovere lo sviluppo del turismo in Tunisia e nel Mediterraneo, promuovendo il settore del turismo sostenibile, accessibile a tutti e che implica la conservazione delle risorse per le generazioni future, uno sviluppo economicamente sostenibile, socialmente equo, ancorato nell'economia sociale e nella solidarietà.

Shoqata e Trainereve ne Edukim (Albania)

Le "Steeps Light" Women Centre è una delle principali organizzazione non governativa e non-profit nel nord dell'Albania, ufficialmente registrata con decreto n ° 797, il 14 ottobre 2003 dalla Corte Distrettuale di Scutari.

Le principali attività di questa organizzazione sono orientate ad eliminare le barriere socio-culturali e politiche che precludono alle donne una libera e paritaria partecipazione alla vita economica, politica e sociale. L'ONG si batte inoltre per prevenire la violenza di genere e per dare protezione alle donne e bambini vittime di violenza.


Il Centro Donna “Passi Leggeri” è una ONG albanese con sede a Scutari e specializzata nell’assistenza a donne vittime di violenze domestiche. Il Centro si concentra in attività di promozione e sensibilizzazione del ruolo della donna nella società albanese ed offre quotidianamente servizi/attività quali assistenza sociale e legale, counseling, corsi di formazione professionale, attività ludico-ricreative per i bambini.

SDEC – Social Development & Empowerment Center (TUNISIA)

SDEC è una ONG tunisina nata successivamente alla rivoluzione scoppiata nel paese nel 2011. Il Centro si pone quale obiettivo principale il supporto alla costruzione della democrazia. In questa prospettiva il Centro cerca di sostenere l’empowerment delle categorie vulnerabili del paese e di favorire la presa di coscienza del valore della cittadinanza e di incentivare conseguentemente la cultura della partecipazione alla gestione degli affari pubblici.