The PADEN Project is part of the cooperation projects funded by the Tuscany Region to promote local development in Palestine and Israel.

 Lead Applicant of the Project is Medina (Association for the cooperation among peoples) in partnership with:

-Municipality of Yatta
-Municipality of Samou
-Municipality of Zababdeh
-Municipality of Taybeh
-Municipality of Pontedera
-Municipality of Pisa
-D.I.C.A. onlus

 D.I.C.A. Onlus is partner for the implementation of the Project:

-It guarantees its own human and instrumental resources dedicated to the Project
-Ensures the connection with other Partners involved in the Project
-Involves in the activities of the Project other possible actors of both its territory and the Italian involved in the Project

The development of a networks between citizens, local governments, training institutions, local Tuscan, Palestinian, and Israeli associations is the guiding principle that links the project to the long tradition of cooperation that the Tuscany Region has towards that area. Working for shared and commons goals, makes it conceivable to think and to design a future of peaceful coexistence and common development also among belligerent populations, which look today, with hope, for a peace. All this despite the conditions on the ground, today more than ever adverse. Adverse conditions also occur in Tuscany, where attention and tension, especially of public administrations, on these issues has fallen sharply simultaneously of the increasing difficulties in the field. It is therefore urgent to retrieve, revitalize and renew the wealth of political and administrative relations, but also social and cultural, which have become the cornerstone of important transnational partnership networks and make it available for renewed cooperation actions whose objectives are to the pacification and the social, economic and cultural development of that area.

 General Objective is to support local economic development in Palestine and Israel through the stimulation of civil society, revitalization and renewal of transnational partnership networks that promote and support the action of Middle Eastern Municipal Governments in local development policies.

 The areas concerned are the municipalities of Tayibe in Israel and the municipalities of Al-Samoou, Yatta and Zababdeh in Palestine, which have a total population of about 100,000 people.