Cycle of training workshops - Build the Europe Through the European Opportunities

The project "Build the Europe through the European opportunities" gives DICA Onlus Association the role of a new territorial point of GaragErasmus Foundation (gE4PISA).

The project, funded by ESAA (Erasmus + Student and Alumni Association), requires a series of workshops that will comprehensively and detailed analyses, all the steps necessary for the presentation of a European project, in order to prepare participants for the drafting proposal design and let them know about the financing opportunities offered by the EU.


The four workshops topics are listed below:


1st Workshop "Analysis of the European Programmes"

 Its main goal, is to study the European opportunities on active citizenship, international mobility and training, and creating a project partnership.


The European funding programs are listed and analysed below:

- Erasmus Plus

- Europe for Citizens

- Creative Europe

- ENPI - Human Rights - Non-State Actors - Food Security (Europe Aid Programme)


2nd Workshop "Presentation, monitoring and a Project Proposal" through the analysis of the following phases:

- Project Cycle Management

- Logical Framework

- Strategies analysis

- Problems analysis

- Timing

- Monitoring and results evaluation


3rd and 4th Workshop "Preparation of the Application Form" Daft 

The third and fourth workshops will ensure the practical application of the concepts learned through exercises and simulations of writing project.

The workshops will be reserved for Erasmus students as well as students of the University of Pisa, and students will be selected according to their curriculum vitae and motivation letter.

At the end of the activities, there is a final meeting for the disclosure and publication of the results achieved in collaboration with the Department of Political Science from the University of Pisa.