The project, financed by the Tuscany Region (Decree N. 5946 of 12/03/2012), for the duration of 24 months, is aimed to improve the access and the management of water resources, supporting the improvement of hygienic-sanitary conditions, and strengthening the water management capacities available for domestic and agricultural use.

 Actuator is the Shalom Onlus Movement in partnership with:

-LVIA - International Voluntary Association

-Province of Pisa

-IIDA - Women's in Development Organization (Somalia)

-BRADO -Brothers Relief and Development Organization (Somalia)

-MID-P - Merti Integrated Development Program (Kenya)

-DOMWASS - Water Department of the Diocese of Meru (Kenya)

-Soddo Apostolic Office (SADCO) (Ethiopia)

-Cooperative NU E NU

-D.I.C.A. Onlus


D.I.C.A. Onlus collaborates as a technical subject for the support of the technical-administrative management of the Project.

 In particular, it prepares and submits the documentation for the reporting of the project to the lead applicant and partners; collects all the financial documentation produced by the lead applicant and partners; it also deals with financial reporting.

Intervention Area:

The project is implemented in four countries of the Horn of Africa and in the following specific areas:

-Ethiopia: Oromia Region, Waroa of Siraro, West Arsi Zone, SNNPR Region, Wolayta Zone, Damot Pulasa Province, Ololà Village;

-Kenya: County of Isiolo, Merti and Sericho, Meru District; Ngong Town, Bunyore Village, Vihiga District,

-Somalia: Location of Guricel in the Guricel District, Gargaduud Region; Places of Mataban, Qodqod and Girigir in the Mataban District, Hiraan Region.

The General Objective of the Project is to improve of the access and of the proper water management by strengthening the capacity of users, local authorities, and structures responsible for the management and implementation of low cost water distribution systems that facilitate the access to home and / or agricultural use by optimizing resources and safeguarding the environment.

The Specific objective is the achievement of efficient, sustainable and participatory management of domestic and productive water resources in the districts of Siraro and Wolayta (Ethiopia), Isiolo and Vihiga (Kenya), Guriel (Somalia) through activities such as: works to improve access and availability of drinking water in affected communities; the realization of works to improve the quality of services in schools; training to strengthen and improve knowledge on hygiene and health at the community level; the formation of committees for the integrated and participative management of water resources.