The project E.I.Q. – Europe In Question, is implemented under the European Programme “Europe for citizens”and financed by 100% from the European Organization EACEA “Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency” of the European Commission.

Municipality of Tanagra, lead partner of project E.I.Q. – Europe In Question”, coordinates the actions of a network of European organizations that desire to disseminate as a best practice for the empowerment of civic participation of those citizens who have not been involved so far, or who reject the Union outright of put in question its achievements.

Throughout the project citizens will be confronted with the Union's action and thus the will better understand the process of creating policies. At the same time they will be encouraged to create contents for the proposals, which will improve the existing situation on selected issues. Proposals for improving the EU will be created in seven key problem areas:

- Refugee crisis (should the EU continue to accept or reject refugees? How to integrate them into European society?)

- Rise of terrorism (is it connected with the immigrants/refugees' arrival in EU? How should EU deal with this issue?)

- EURO (what are the strengths and weaknesses of the common currency?)

- Further enlargement (should the EU accept new Member States and how will a possible exit of a member state affect the future of the Union)

- BREXIT (individual incident or the beginning of the end for EU?)

- Euroscepticism and europhobia (why has this phenomenon been increased? are there any deeper reasons?)

- Recession and employment (how to generate jobs especially for youngsters and disadvantaged people?)

The project activities will take place in seven different territories from seven different European Countries.

1 Tanagra,Greece - (kick off meeting)

2 Newtown,Wales - (two days national forum )

3 Enguera,Spain - (two days national forum)

4 Miranda Do Douro, Portugal - (two days national forum)

5 Zejtun,Malta - (two days national forum)

6 Pisa, Italy - (two days national forum)

7 Tallin, Estonia - (two days national forum)

8 Tanagra,Greece (final conference)