On March 8, 2017, was held in Castelnuovo Val di Cecina the meeting "WOMEN VICTIMS OF TRAFFICKING - THE CASE OF NIGERIA" organized by WELCOMING COMMITTEE OF SOLIDARITY.

The Committee, composed by volunteers, was born as a response to the cald welcome received by three female asylum seekers, sent into the country by the Prefect. But after a short time, the girls decided to leave abruptly after telling some volunteers their desire to reach relatives in Germany. Since then, the Committee, as well as working with the girls arrived later, started doing research on migration flows from Nigeria, discovering a tragic situation which until then were not known. The idea of dicating the event for the Women's Day to this issue was concevied in this way, gollowing the desire of the volunteers to explore these issues and, above all, to share them with the rest of the town. The event opened with the screening of the episode directed by G.Lerner "Islam, Italy", entitled "A Casa loro" that directs the audience into a journey, from Nigeria to migrant communities in Italy, in order to think about the causes and the evolution of the migratory phenomenon from the most populous African country towards Italy.

It follows the intervention of Dica Onlus that, supported by maps and images, has illustrated the runs, the formalities, the dangers and the violences faced by young women, during the long trip that from the rural zones of the south of Nigeria brings in Italy passing from Libya. The main mechanisms underlying the Smuggling and Trafficking are briefly described. The conclusion is on a critical issues that, despite the legislation on the protection of victims of trafficking being among the most advanced in Europe, they do make it hard the identification of victims as well as an effective intervention by the security forces and Italian organizations working in the field. Then it was the turn of the association against violence against women "Le Amiche di Mafalda" to talk, and they described directly the kind of sexual exploitation that is the sad destiny for many of these girls, noting that the smuggling networks flourish thanks to the demand by Italian and European men. In conclusion, they explained how it is possible, although very difficult, to help these women to get out of the cyrcle of violence and exploitation in which they are forced by traffickers. In the end, the representative of the The Chiassino Association, through an historical digression on violence perpetrated against females by the Italian military during the nefarious "colonial" period in Africa, brought a highly pertinent reflection on what the perception of a cultural difference may provide the pretext or justification for certain types of exploitation or female violence. The event was followed with great interest by a large and very heterogeneous audience.