Dica Onlus Association, together with the Department of Political Sciences, organized 2 workshops on International Cooperation for Development and European Planning, structured in two different days, the first one of which will be held Friday March 24th 2017 from 9:00 am at the Polo Piagge of the University of Pisa. Two experts in European Planning will participate at the meeting: Daniele Gizzi and Khaled Hajlaoui.

The first part will be focused on the presentation of the activities in which the Dica Onlus Association is engaged and the general theoretical presentation regarding the work methodology.

In the second part, practical exercises and group work will take place, in order to acquire practical knowledge to work on calls for direct financing of the various European programs. Using this methodology, we aim to give to the students a direct comparison with the documentation, guidelines, application forms of a real to a European Union-direct financing program and they will have the opportunity to work in a project team.

The seminar is reserved to the enrolled students to the LM-52 class of the Department of Political Science and it will provide students with two credits.