The project expects a cycle of 4 thematic workshops.

In details the workshops will last 20 hours split in 4 days (5 hours per days).


1st Workshop “Analysis of European Programmes”

2nd Workshop “Presentation, Monitoring and Evaluation of a Project Proposal”

3rd Workshop “Working Methods and division of works” 

4th Workshop “Practical exercises on real Application Form”


In order to give to the selected beneficiaries a concrete competences and useful skills the workshops are structured so as to provide not only theoretical but even practical knowledge through exercises and working group. The workshops are connected each other in a logical and thematic way.


In details:

The first workshop will focus on the analysis of the European Programme for funding. It will examine the European opportunities on active citizenship, international mobility and vocational training. Moreover, a methodology to create an international partnership and develop a project proposal will be introduced. Specifically, the following European Programmes and sub-programme will be presented and analyzed:


- Erasmus Plus

- Europe for Citizens

- Creative Europe

- ENPI - Human Rights - Non-State Actors - Food Security (Europe Aid Programme)


The second workshop will focus the following aspects concerning the presentation, the monitoring and the evaluation of the project proposal: 

- Project Cycle Management

- Logical Framework

- Strategies analysis

- Problems analysis

- Timing

- Monitoring and evaluation of the results


During the third and fourth workshops the students will put in practice the issues faced in the first two workshops.