International Health Cooperation - Tuscany Region

The project represents the realization of the "Country" project for the DRC of Tuscan health operators in the African country for the year 2014. This intervention is part of the project of international health cooperation actions of the Tuscany Region. In particular ASL 5 Pisa (leader) and ASL 1 of Massa Carrara that make health cooperation interventions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and have been working to identify a  result of the positive experience "country project" year 2013 "Health, treatment and care". Support for health services in Mont 'Ngafula, Lukulela and Muhanga and the "country project" Year 2012 "Health, treatment and care." Support for health services in Mont 'Ngafula, Ukulungu. The project proposal in question aims to improve the conditions of health centers in two areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the Municipality of Mont'Ngafula Mbudi - City of Kinshasa and Hopitalier Centre of the village of Muhanga, Lubero area, district of Butembu, North Kivu.


Lead Applicant

 USL 5 Pisa


Local partners

«Fondation Viviane 'A.S.B.L. - Organisation not Gouvernamentale de Developpement

Institut supérieur des techniques médicales - University of Kinshasa City of Mont Ngafula

The Committe village of Muhanga

Hospitalier Centre de Muhanga


Tuscan Partners 

USL 6 of Livorno

USL 1 of Massa Carrara

Institution North South Centre of the Province of Pisa

Association Elba No Limits

D.I.C.A Onlus


Duration 12 months

The project activities are related to the restructuring of the outpatient clinics and the reception structures for young patients who benefit of physiotherapy activities of the Center for Rehabilitation of Viviane Foundation; the restructuring of the Hopitalier Centre (minor surgery clinic) of Muhanga, located in the territory of Butembu, in North Kivu, and the implementation of a training course for "Operating Room Nurse", accredited and recognized, addressed to a nursing operator Hopitalier Centre of Muhanga and a training course for 5 orthopedic technicians and 5 health workers of theme "Orthopedics". At the end of the project it will be drawn up a protocol that identifies the criteria (both clinical and logistical and social) useful to the triage of cases to be treated as outpatients and cases needing residential treatment. The Dica Onlus Association as a technical partner supports USL5 leader and the Tuscan partnership in the technical management of the project.