Isole Solidali - Dinner in support of the Philippines and Sardinia

Saturday 1 February 2014 the Stazione Leopolda was the location of an extraordinary solidarity event which saw working together, without exceptions or reservations representatives of various immigrant communities in the territory of Pisa, who worked side by side with Italian associations and local institutions for the realization of the Isole Solidali dinner!

In a festive evening and on solidarity, thanks to the many participants, we have obtained the figure of 2271 Euro which will be promptly devolved to the Foundation "The heart melts" for projects planned in the Philippines.

In addition to the important result achieved, the evening represents a unique moment in the recent history of our city. The various foreign communities rallied together with local associations, supported by the municipality of Pisa, to promote an initiative that highlights how, despite the difficulties and the undeniable problems, there is an ongoing strong process of cohesion and mutual integration in the territory.

The Isole Solidali dinner was not only a mere moment of fundraising, but it is part of the integration and collaboration process that is taking place between associations of immigrants and not on the territory of Pisa.

This process needs to be cultivated and encouraged, with the support of local institutions, so that we can continue to work towards a deep and complete integration.

The first steps are very encouraging and if the effort put by the organizers in the creation of Isole Solidali is the desire and confidence in a larger project, well certainly, the results will be even more extraordinary.