Planning Labs 1st Edition - 2014

The activity is aimed at the training and the incubation of planning groups and the management of activities in the field of international cooperation, in particular the training activities are intended to not more than 15 selected users, who will form 3 teams of planning, each of which will focus on a specific area of Intervention. Lectures of 15 hours will be provided to all students, then those groups will be formed, based on the complementarity of the experiences and individual skills, and will therefore be carried out on the basis of a differentiated training opportunities for financing. .

Each Project Team will be followed by a senior expert and a Tutor in the classroom.

Such training will be aimed at providing the technical competences for the planning and management of interventions as well as for the development of abilities of management of the international relationships and the relationships with the local institutions. Next, under the guidance of experienced staff, the following laboratory activities will take place:

  • Analysis of the active calls, determining which are the requirements and guidelines to participate and the qualitative and quantitative parameters on which to focus the development of the project idea.

  • Verification of the characteristics and content of projects already funded on warnings taken into consideration.

  • Discussions and debates for the identification of innovative features that will mature into competitive planning ideas.

  • Comparison of the project idea with the objectives and guidelines set for the call.

  • Declination of the project idea on the priorities of the call and guidelines.

  • Writing of a planning draft.

  • Identification and involvement of the proponent subject and potential partners located in eligible areas that can contribute actively to the development and management of activities.

  • Construction of the partnership through the sharing of the project draft and formal adhesion.

  • Development of the project and acquisition of documents from the partners.

  • Presentation of the project.

  • Analysis of score feedback and evaluations issued by the commissions.

If the groups of planning are approved, they will assume the coordination and management tasks, under the supervision of the expert group. 

Users: graduates in Political Science, Law, Economics; people with little experience in the sector (even without any specific qualifications).

Essential requirements: Excellent knowledge of English and/or French language. Excellent knowledge of Word and Excel.

Prerequisites that would be an advantage: knowledge of the field of international cooperation, having already had experience in Italy and abroad at European level planning. Knowledge of another language (Spanish, Portuguese, Russian).

Promotion: Access to the names of graduates from less than 12 months. Publicizing web and inside the university institutes, other.

Selection process: self-assessment test delivery, any aptitud test, evolution test of the level of knowledge in the field of international cooperation, language test (English or French language).

Training: Ref. Educational program already developed, with the addition of a module on international relations and relations with national and local institutions.