DICA is an association founded in January 2013 by the will of some experts in the field of development cooperation and integration and intercultural education to contribute to the spread in Italy and in the world of values such as respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy and equality.


The current organizational chart reflects the work done by the founders from the beginning of  DICA.






Assembly composed by all members in DICA, has the task of deciding on balance sheet and budget as well as on the final report; it elects the members of the Board; determines the guidelines, directives and general programs of the Association; it approves all matters relating to social management.


Board of Directors elected by the Assembly with three-year term, appoints the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, as well as other executive directors to the various social activities. It also has the widest powers for the ordinary and extraordinary management of the association.


President, elected by the Board of Directors, is the legal representative of the association. The President is invested with permanent powers over the ordinary administration , including, for example, opening bank accounts for association's matters.


Secretary has the task of verbalizing discussions, proposals, initiatives and decisions approved by the Assembly; to organize the work of the committees; to publish information material produced by, or received by the Office of the Presidency from the outside.


Treasurer elected by a simple majority, manages the budget of the Association under the supervision of the half-yearly financial reports with the Board and is responsible for the cash book and all the documentation that specifically concerns the service entrusted to him.




Office of Planning includes two distinct organizational areas for activities promoted at national and international level in the context of development cooperation and immigration and intercultural education. These organizational areas are coordinated by two managers who plan and manage the activities within them and engage in the promotion of cross-cutting activities and integrated.


Office of Communications is responsible for managing the website and accounts on social networks. The office is run by a manager who coordinates the activities, it is important for the Association because allows to promote initiatives at the local, national and international level and, consequently, the spread of values to which DICA wants to contribute.